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Our list of customers consists primarily of international manufacturing plants and major production companies working on the production of, for example, potatoes, carrots and other food products. Hence, the peeling parts – fitted with our carborundum – move all over the world and are used in many countries.

Moreover, there are many potato processing companies that specialised in processing potatoes for the manufacturing of, e.g. fresh fries, potato wedges/slices and many well-known crisps. Carborundum is also used in the vegetable and meal salad industry, such as the freshly prepared ready-to-eat meals and salads from the supermarket. Usually, your local greengrocer will have a drum peeler fitted with carborundum, which is used for a host of peeling activities.

Peeling rollers - Polish rollers

Outside of the FOOD and NON-FOOD sectors, there is a range of other industries that use carborundum. For instance, we regularly coat worn drive rollers, or the drive wheels for solex mopeds that do not function properly anymore.


Below you can find the most common industries in which our carborundum is used. Is your industry not listed, but you would like carborundum coating on your product? Feel free to contact our experts, they will be glad to be of assistance!

  • (International) Manufacturing plants
  • (International) Foodstuff companies
  • (International) Potato processing plants
  • (International) Wholesalers of potatoes and vegetables
  • (International) Carrot processing plants
  • (International) Vegetable and fruit processing plants
  • (International) Crisps plants
  • Salad and ‘ready-to-eat meal’ plants
  • Fries specialty stores
  • Greengrocers
  • Metal processors
  • Solex associations
  • Car tuning companies
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  • Vezet
  • Westland
  • Yellow chips
  • Aviko Potato

Specialized in coating peeling rollers, polishing rollers, peeling drums and peeling discs with carborundum.

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