Carborundum peeling rollers are available in various dimensions. The most common peeling roller is the Ø100mm roller with a 3-metre length. These peeling rollers are used often in a range of different industries. Think of, for instance, potato processing plants, carrot processing plants, and vegetable and fruit processing plants, of course.

There are also bigger rollers (Ø150mm); a very common product. The lengths vary from 2.5 metres to 3 metres. The peeling rollers and polish rollers of Ø80mm are common in the carrot and vegetable processing plants.

In addition to traditional peeling rollers and polish rollers, we can also coat profile rollers. We coat all diameters and lengths, but can also coat profile rollers manufactured from synthetic materials. As you can tell, we coat all types of peeling rollers.

Every peeling roller has its own drive mechanism by the way. It is possible that your peeling roller has an axle on both sides. Other peeling rollers are secured internally and are hollow.

Every type of roller must be provided with a temporary modification in order to coat them. Over the years, we have developed a wide range of aids, so we can coat almost any type of peeling roller and polish roller. As such, our workshop is far from standard. The machines we use to coat the peeling rollers and drum peelers have been created by us.

Would you like to have a combination of various grain sizes on a peeling roller? We are the ones you need. We can create all imaginable grain combinations in our workshop! Unsure which grain size is best for your intended use? Contact our experts, they will be glad to be of assistance.


DE CARBORUNDUM SPECIALIST specialises in coating peeling rollers, polish rollers, profile rollers, drum peelers, peeling discs and peeling plates with carborundum. Thanks to our expert techniques, we can apply any grain size to your products, so every type of product is peeled with the right grain.

We go beyond just applying 1 grain size. If you would like to start with a coarse grain and end with a fine grain, then we are the ones you need. We can apply multiple grain sizes one after the other to your products for optimum peeling and polishing results!

Apart from coating peeling products, we also apply carborundum to anti-slipping products. E.g. your solex drive roller, a brake test bench or your caravan mover.

  • Vezet
  • Westland
  • Yellow chips
  • Aviko Potato

Specialized in coating peeling rollers, polishing rollers, peeling drums and peeling discs with carborundum.

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