Apart from peeling rollers, drum peelers and other peeling parts, we can also coat other parts with carborundum. The function of carborundum for this is not its perfect peeling property, but it’s anti-slipping property.
Carborundum is also commonly used to roughen surfaces to give them an anti-slipping property.

Think of, for example, transport rollers that have become too smooth. By applying carborundum, the transport roller becomes more coarse and gives good grip with the conveyor belt.

Carborundum is also used in the propulsion industry. Think of worn solex drive rollers, for instance. Or the heavy rollers for your brake test bench that no longer function properly, meaning you can no longer measure the (brake) capacity of your (sports) car. The solution is simple: have the rollers coated with carborundum for optimum grip on your tyres.

Despite the caravan mover, you still need to push your caravan to the right position manually, because the mover has no grip when it’s wet? The drive rollers of your caravan mover are also products we will gladly coat with carborundum for you.

No matter what you can think of, we can coat it!


DE CARBORUNDUM SPECIALIST specialises in coating peeling rollers, polish rollers, profile rollers, drum peelers, peeling discs and peeling plates with carborundum. Thanks to our expert techniques, we can apply any grain size to your products, so every type of product is peeled with the right grain.

We go beyond just applying 1 grain size. If you would like to start with a coarse grain and end with a fine grain, then we are the ones you need. We can apply multiple grain sizes one after the other to your products for optimum peeling and polishing results!

Apart from coating peeling products, we also apply carborundum to anti-slipping products. E.g. your solex drive roller, a brake test bench or your caravan mover.

  • Vezet
  • Westland
  • Yellow chips
  • Aviko Potato

Specialized in coating peeling rollers, polishing rollers, peeling drums and peeling discs with carborundum.