Overhauling the grit rollers of your brake test bench

Carborundum rollers (also called grit rollers) are also used a lot in the automotive industry. These grit rollers are used in (roller) brake test benches to test the power or brake systems of the car.

The grit rollers can experience wear due to extensive use and blank spaces can form. The result is that tyres will not have as much grip on the rollers…and slipping tyres is the last thing you need.

Buy new expensive grit rollers? No need!

De Carborundum Specialist specialises in overhauling the grit rollers of your brake test bench. We will fully revise your grit rollers and will deliver them to you ‘like new’.

No dimensions are too much for us. Whether your grit rollers have a diameter of Ø100 or Ø1000, we can overhaul all types on our machines.

We will blast the entire roller and create a sleek, smooth and optimal surface for the layers of carborundum. Eventually, the grit roller will be provided with a hardened top layer that guarantees a wear-proof and strong connection of the carborundum.

The grit rollers of your brake test bench will be like new.

Coating grit rollers is a time-consuming job. On top of that, the hardening times can be a limiting factor for the delivery times of the grit rollers. Like no other, we also know that your grit rollers are vital for your roller brake test bench.

De Carborundum Specialist created a unique service for this: THE WEEKEND SERVICE

With our weekend service, you will only be without your grit rollers for a short time of your working week, because we will work on the weekend for you. This means you will not have any unnecessary standstills of your roller brake test bench in your valuable week. After all, the regular inspections will need to be done.

Ask our specialists for the conditions of this service, they will gladly be of assistance.

Grit rollers of your brake tester
Grit rollers of your brake tester
Grit rollers of your brake test bench

Specialized in coating peeling rollers, polishing rollers, peeling drums and peeling discs with carborundum.

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